Cape Coast, Ghana 

Cape Coast, Ghana 


I take photos and make movies.  Most days you'll find me in LA with my partners over at Required Reading... trying to conquer the world through independent films.  If you want to learn more about my resume you can head over there - or go see either of my documentaries - "Shake the Dust" or "I Am Sun Mu."  Both are on Netflix - but you should buy them on iTunes.

Back in 2008 I was just a little Southern California grom trying to figure out my way in the world.  I started a blog called "Loose Luggage" - and it became my creative outlet and personal (public) journal.  I put all of my stuff in storage and hit the road - making money here and there taking pics.  I documented it all.  This was, of course, before instagram - and back when many of us had "RSS feeds" and regularly checked in on our favorite daily blogs.  

After hundreds of posts, thousands of photos, and dozens of countries, I finally posted my last post in 2013 after a massive blog hack deleted 90% of the photos on my site.  I was frustrated - but I was also busy.  I had transitioned fully into filmmaking and was finishing my first feature documentary and it was one more thing I could take off of my to-do list.

Today a lot has changed.

I now am a partner in a feature film production company.  A lot of water has flowed under the bridge and a lot more territory has been covered.  But I'm more grounded.  More of a home body.  And less concerned than I once was about perpetuating a vision of myself to the world.

I've decided to resurrect this practice.  I've returned to this medium as a way of disciplining myself to write and to be more thoughtful about my world.  It's my own personal keepsake box - but I invite you to explore with me.  You'll see food, portraits, poems, and occasional political essays. Rather then curating a lifestyle in photos and instagram stories, this is a place for me to collect things, and an avenue for the writing that I so miss.

This blog is an ongoing project which, I imagine, will be "under construction" for some time. But it's my way of sharing my work with the world. I hope you enjoy.


Here's a short video about myself and my work. My director sizzle is here.