Clara's Creamery


Last year my cousin, who lives on a homestead in rural Maine, sent me a couple of bars of soap. She had made it by hand from goats milk and lard from the local butcher and a few other ingredients. I loved it! 

Wendy is my older cousin, and despite the fact that we live very different lives in many respects, we share a lot of the same values, and we've always been close. Once I'd used up the bars she had sent me I decided to go out on a limb and ask her if she wanted to collaborate in growing the brand and the business. 

And now here we are, nine months later, launching "Clara's Creamery." I'm really proud of this product, and it was so much fun to build out the branding and e-commerce site with Wendy. I hope you'll check everything out and order a few bars for yourself. 

Here's the website.  I recommend getting a bundle here. Or get several bars of my favorite, Star Anise.


Soap has a simple purpose: to clean our hands and bodies. That’s why we created a product that lasts longer then most soap, moisturizes while it cleans, and doesn’t leave behind a pile of goop in your soap dish or shower.

Our soap is handmade from a few simple quality ingredients, including milk from goats we’ve raised right here in rural Maine. We use essential oils for subtle fragrance, with no dyes or chemicals.

Simply great soap.
Adam Sjoberg2 Comments