Loads of Goodies

This is sort of a big day, apart from being my birthday.  I have 3 (well, sortof 4) important things to share with you.  I’ll be quick, and place them in order of urgency…

1.)  “We All Might Make It” is my first feature documentary.  The website and trailer launched yesterday (quietly) but we need to get the word out there!  Head on over to the facebook page to see the trailer, link to the website (which is loaded with exclusive content) and spread the word!  https://www.facebook.com/WeAllMightMakeIt?ref=hl

2.)  “Danny from North Korea” is a mini-feature-length epic film that I collaborated with Liberty in North Korea on.  It took us from South Korea in the dead of winter – all the way to the demilitarized zone, and back to LA for final editing and animation (really cool stuff).  Check out the trailer below and then go book a screening here: http://libertyinnorthkorea.org/

3.) New 2013 Loose Luggage Media teaser.  Check it out.  And check out my new homepage if you haven’t already been there. http://www.looseluggagemedia.com/

4.) GOOD Magazine.  Go grab a copy of the latest issue.  Just trust me on this one.  http://www.good.is

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