In the summer of 2008 I moved out of my house, packed all of my possessions (save for my camera equipment and some clothes) into a storage unit, and hit the road. My goal was to live a life of paradox: to seek success as a photographer, but still manage to live simply and wholly. I’m now living in New York City and I’m skeptical that my experiment was a complete success. But I do know this: that 8 months on the road was enormously formative and value-shifting. Check out this article below to read some more about my thoughts.

This blog was (and still is) my journal to the world.





  1. You’re so cool for saying you’re not cool, but we all know differently – or is saying you’re not cool part of your coolness? In any case, I enjoyed your choice of words and the mirror to my own soul.

    We love you!

    Ira Lippke

  2. Loved reading this. You are awesome! I find myself smiling at some of the words you write. You are a wordsmith. I enjoy following you around the world vicariously. 🙂
    I have often thought how fun it would be to just get a motor home (also for the rich and famous) and travel around, working wherever until I wanted to head for the next spot. I envy you your youth and freedom to do this, and i’m loving the travels I take with you. Keep doing what you are doing, Adam. You have a boatload of gifting. Keep using it!

    kris hood

  3. glad you made the journey anyway…it’s good to be all alone sometimes for a while or longer. to enjoy one’s own company and to have long times of reflection and meditation. it is also good to know others have made the same journey and like you have found out that the only really impressive one is the One who says, “I will never leave you or forsake you.” never forget how loved you are for just being you!

    Susie Sjoberg

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