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  1. Adam,

    Through the power of social media, I found out about Shake the Dust. It looks absolutely amazing, Homeless World Cup, Planet B-Boy, with the gloss. Basically it brings up a lot of strong emotions for me.

    This is totally random but if you need any help with this project let me know. I don’t know about film/hip hop except I enjoy them. My great passion is helping people of promise. And I though helping you might be a way to fuse those things. My time is limited at the moment, but in June I will have finished my masters in Nonprofit Management and Leadership and just beginning a trip around the world. I thought what if one of those stops I could help you.

    If you are at interested let me know!

    Good luck and I can wait to see the finished project.



    Terri Wetterberg

  2. Adam,
    I’m a first-year Global Studies major at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and I’m in this incredible Cultural Production in Africa class. I was scopin’ the net here looking for a topic for my research paper (basic topic: evaluate a piece of African art…pretty broad, huh?) and I stumbled upon the preview for Shake the Dust on the Invisible Children blog. I immediately became engrossed in your work here, and basically I just want to be involved. I don’t exactly know how or in what way, but I’d love to be in contact with you.
    Best of luck!

    Lauren DeLaunay

  3. Hey Adam
    We had a hang out time at pelzs home toninght i was telling the story of what Im doing.
    Can you remember me from Mexico
    WE really ne to connect.
    Just watched your video.
    We need to hook up you need to come GA and tell my story…
    call me on my cell phone 678-525-7160
    Lets chat soon
    Bless you heaps
    Rob Finney

  4. Hi! love your work!
    may I know do you do wedding photography? price? thank you



  5. Hi Adam,
    I just saw your work at

    I enjoy looking at your work! and looking for cinematographer for our next year May 2012 wedding. Can you let me know your price?



  6. Adam,

    Sleepless night, decided to make my way through Loose Luggage blog posts beginning at August 2006. Am at January 2009 as of 6:30 this evening. Your work is brilliant and am enjoying your adventures and the stories.


    Erica L. Pelaccia

  7. Would like to get some photos of the day when we rowed with Troy Polamalu and the NFL Players on the Matasaua Fautasi, thanks for coming down to visit our beautiful island of American Samoa thank you again.

    david bird

  8. Hi,
    Plz can u help me to find out the Boxing Club (Address and contact No.)in Istanbul, Turky.
    Thanks a lot

    Said Elbayoume

  9. Hi Adam,

    My daughter is getting married in LA on 9/2/2012. Are you available to create a video of their wedding and what are the cost of your services?
    Thank you,

    Michael Pollak

  10. Hey Adam I really like what your are doing and I totally relate and respect the angle you are coming from, we need more people like you. Follow me on twitter that is if you have an account @therealmolondon thanks you very much.


  11. sooooooo….dying to “see” shake the dust…how do it do that?


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